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Pulse Medical Inc  -Radiation Concepts-  X-Ray Accessories for Clinics, Hospitals, and Veterinarians

Radiation protection for all industries, including personal protection for
radiation exposure, environmental backscatter mitigation, and
preservation of objects during non-destructive testing or
forensic examination.

Pulse Medical Inc. is your leading source for Radiation Protection and x-ray accessories, specializing in Leaded and Non Leaded Aprons, Leaded Eyewear, etc.

Pulse Medical Inc.
1130 Ada St. Suite B
Blue Ridge, GA. 30513
Phone: (800) 342-5973 or (706) 632-1370
Fax: (800) 429-8884 or (706) 632-1369

  For 10 years, Pulse Medical has maintained ISO 9001/2008 registration specifically for the "Design and manufacture of protective eyewear and lead and non lead protective aprons. CE mark available on all designated products. Please call our office for more information and/or copies of certification. FDA registration and CFG certificates also available upon request.

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